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AKA 肖栗旬 (Xiao Lixun) / Kevin Shaw

Birthday: 3 September 1994 🐶♍
Birthplace: Wuhan, Hubei, China
Height: 188 cm (Media) | 190 cm (Actual)
Agency: 星宇娱乐 Astro Entertainment
Fandom Name: 麻酱 ma jiang (Sesame Sauce)
Fandom Colour: Boston Celtics Uniform Green #007A33
Pets: 小九 Xiao Jiu (Cat) / 十八 Shi Ba (Cat)
Logo: Here

© 小树懒 sloth & 肖凯中官方粉丝后援会. All rights reserved.



(Click on the titles for more info)

2020甜了青梅配竹马 / Sweet First LoveQin Yao (Support)WeTV
2021我的宠物少将军 / Be My CatMo Xiuran (Main)Viki
2021你微笑时很美 / Falling Into Your SmileLao Mao/Old Cat/ZGDX_Cat (Support)Youku
2022花间新娘 / Believe In LoveSong Yan (Main)Youku
2022从零到一的爱情 / Fall In LoveFu Zeyi (Main)Youku
2023鱼生知有你 / Fish Knows YouJi Fanyi (Support)Youku
2023闻香探案录 / The Truth of ScentWang Ya (Main)iQiyi
202419层 / 19th FloorZhang Tianqiang (Main)Mango TV
TBA夺梦 / Seizing DreamsFu Liqun (Support)TBA
TBA吉星高照 / Eternal FaithFeng Xin (Support)iQiyi
TBA少年白马醉春风 / Dashing YouthSu Changhe (Guest)Youku
TBA冬至 / Love Song in WinterYu BaifengiQiyi
TBA蝉女 / Cicada GirlsAh LiangTBA
TBA雪迷官 / The First Shot-TBA


2019Produce Camp 2019ContestantWeTV
2019Chuang 2019: Create a Treasure to DigContestantWeTV
2019Chuang 2019: Dorm DiaryContestantWeTV
2021Before SunriseGuest (Ep 1)WeTV


2019想你想不够 (Live)肖凯中 Kevin / 任世豪 Ryan
2019Lesion(BINGBIAN病变) (Live)肖凯中 Kevin / 何洛洛 Stark / 赵宥维 / 彭楚粤 / / 四正
2019敢 (Live)肖凯中 Kevin / 陈钰琪 / R1SE翟潇闻 Bill / 李昀锐 / 秦天 / 段浩男 / 马雪阳 / 王艺衡
2019月光爱人 (纯享版) (Rehearsal)肖凯中 Kevin / 秦天 / 王艺衡 / 崔绍阳 / 段浩男
2020甜了 (青春网剧《甜了青梅配竹马》推广曲)肖凯中 Kevin / 任世豪 Ryan / 郑繁星 Zheng Fanxing
2020心动频率 (Be My Cat OST)肖凯中 Kevin
2024最后的光 (19th Floor OST)肖凯中 Kevin


These graphics were designed by Kevin himself! Feel free to use them. Can check the original weibo post for HD versions.


AKA: Little Nine
Birthday: 1 April 2021 🐂♈
Adopted On: 29 September 2021
Breed: Highland Napoleon
Trivia: Named Xiao Jiu because the number 9 is of great significance to both Kevin and Xiao Jiu (being his birth month and her adopted month). He talked in-depth about her in this video.



十八 SHI BA ♂

AKA: Eighteen
Birthday: ? 🐂♈
Adopted On: Dec 2023, came home Jan 2024
Breed: Abyssinian




Weibo Fan Groups are chat rooms where fans can chat with each other and their idol. They are free to join but only after fulfilling certain requirements set by the moderators.Celebrities may have more than one fan group due to group size issues or fan levels. For example, Kevin has 2 official groups. "红红火火麻酱火锅群" is a group open to newer fans and "肖凯中官方粉丝群" (dubbed the official fan club group) is open to higher-level fans and has more requirements to get in. Kevin is generally more active in the second group (since it has older fans and is more official).Because it's just a free chat room for fans, celebrities (especially the more popular ones) are not obligated to be active in them so don't expect too much from their involvement (but do keep in mind that they can see everything that is written in the chat).Below are the links and entry requirements for Kevin's fan groups:

Fan Support Club Group: 肖凯中官方粉丝群
⚠️ Entry Requirements:

⚠️ DO NOT:

  • 🈲@ Kevin

  • 🈲Disturb Kevin on his free time

  • 🈲Privately invite people to the group

  • 🈲Spread what was shared within the chat outside (Screenshots and all)

  • 🈲Discuss about other stars❗

  • 🈲Promote things

  • 🈲Discuss Kevin's personal matters❗

Booming Sesame Sauce Hot Pot Group: 红红火火麻酱火锅群
⚠️ Entry Requirements:

  • Follow @肖凯中KEVIN, @肖凯中工作室

  • Must have ≥10 posts about Kevin in past 30 days (Repost ✅,likes do not count)

  • Super topic level ≥4

  • Must have "Iron Fan" (铁粉) badge

⚠️ DO NOT:

  • 🈲@ Kevin

  • 🈲Disturb Kevin on his free time

  • 🈲Privately invite people to the group

  • 🈲Spread what was shared within the chat outside (Screenshots and all)

  • 🈲Discuss about other stars❗

  • 🈲Promote things

  • 🈲Discuss Kevin's personal matters❗

🆕Sesame Sauce Family Group: 麻酱家族总动员
⚠️ Entry Requirements:

  • None!

  • This is just a fan group without Kevin in it, so majiangs can freely simp without Kevin seeing it all HAHA. (But it is still managed by the official fan club)

  • To join, just click on the link ⬆


1️⃣ Super Topic Caption Rules
Appropriate Format: 🔹 肖凯中超话 + Emotes + Hashtag Topic relating to Kevin + Message Body (start on another line, with 15 words or more) + @肖凯中 KEVIN
🔹 肖凯中超话 🎂 #肖凯中0903生日快乐#
<Message of 15 words or more>
@肖凯中 KEVIN
Simple Format: 🔹 肖凯中超话 + Message Body (start on another line, with 15 words or more) + @肖凯中 KEVINE.g.
🔹 肖凯中超话
<Message of 15 words or more>
@肖凯中 KEVIN
#️⃣List of possible hashtags to use can be found here.⚠️ Super Topic must be above the message body, message body must start in a different line, or else reading (browsing) will be problematic.
⚠️ Must mention @肖凯中 KEVIN in message body (?)
❗ The posting format is not a strict requirement, but posting in accordance with the posting format can maximize the use of high-view platforms to increase various topic data; if you do not use the posting format, please do not comment on the post to persuade deletion.
❗ For original Weibo, please be sure to click on the Super Topic to post. When posting, remember to check "Sync to Weibo" to increase the reading volume of Super Topic.
❗ Each post can only mention two topics (one Super Topic plus one common # topic). Topics should be included at the forefront of the post, otherwise it will be invalid!
❗ In the pictures or videos you post, please be sure to indicate the source of the media that have personal logos
📈 Super Topic Ranking Rules
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📌 Check-In
Sesame Sauces, remember to sign in everyday!
📖 Reading Volume
1. Weibo Super Topic Reading Scoring Update, a user or an IP only scores the same Weibo once in a unit time, and the system will sort multiple reading behaviors. So everyone, please browse in the order of posting in the Super Topic, find posts, increase the amount of reading, and the amount of interaction.
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【Rules for Blocking Posts】
🈲 Posts that have nothing to do with Kevin.
🈲 Wrong format post, water posts.
🈲 Editing other's pictures without permission.
🈲 Malicious, personal attacks, doxxing posts. (?)
🈲 "Black" pictures and videos that are detrimental to Kevin's image.
🈲 All leaked personal information about Kevin and his family.
🈲 Early content that are not suitable for sharing on public platforms and are not conducive to Kevin's image.
🈲 Publishing of undisclosed itineraries, pictures and other content of Kevin's private life.
🈲 Posts that promote negative energy, are overly negative, or are easily hacked (?)
🈲 Overly strong CP shipping posts.
🈲 Posts that violate Weibo regulations.
🈲 Promotion of various groups of non-official organizations.
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【Rules for Blocking Users】
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💢 Rumor spreading
💢 False lottery
💢 Posting private itineraries
💢 Personal videos
💢 Illegal content (vice, gambling, drugs)
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💢 Malicious photoshopped pictures
💢 Malicious slander, attacks on Kevin or fans
【Boosted Posts Criteria】
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Original high quality content, such as:
☀️ High quality recommendation posts
☀️ Exclusive HD pictures
☀️ Original fan art
☀️ Original fan-made videos


The hashtags and what they mean.

  • #肖凯中0903生日快乐# : Xiao Kaizhong 0903 Happy Birthday

  • #肖凯中与我的故事集# : Story of Xiao Kaizhong & I

  • #守护甜星肖凯中# : This is for his endorsement with Swisse

  • #肖凯中 我的宠物少将军# : Drama hashtag for "Be My Cat"

  • #肖凯中 你微笑时很美# : Drama hashtag for "Falling Into Your Smile"

  • #肖凯中花间新娘# : Drama hashtag for "Believe in Love"

  • #肖凯中鱼生知有你# : Drama hashtag for "Fish Knows You"

  • #肖凯中夺梦# : Drama hashtag for "Seizing Dreams"

  • #肖凯中从零到一的爱情# : Drama hashtag for "Fall In Love"

  • #肖凯中的vlog# : Find his vlogs (usually posted by his studio) here.

  • #肖凯中的plog# : Find his picture logs (plog, posted by his studio) here

  • #肖凯中吉星高照# : Drama hashtag for "Eternal Faith"

  • #向全世界安利肖凯中# : Promote Xiao Kaizhong to the whole world

  • 🆕 #肖凯中19层# : Drama hashtag for "19th Floor"

  • 🆕#肖凯中闻香探案录# : Drama hashtag for "Wen Xiang Tan An Lu"

Kevin's Hashtags for that celebrity thing:

  • #发光星计划#

  • #肖凯中暴汗挑战#

  • #肖凯中的时光碎片#


This Carrd was created by 小树懒 sloth (on Weibo, JXGZ and Kevin Cult Discord), with information from 肖凯中官方粉丝后援会.
I also have a YouTube channel where I (try to) translate and sub videos from the cast (mostly Kevin's), do check it out if you like.
(Videos are unlisted, find them in the relevant playlists!)

And I do art too, posted on Twitter, Weibo, Instagram and RED (Xiaohongshu).

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  • People call him 老肖 (lao xiao / old Xiao), 肖叔 (xiao shu / Uncle Xiao), 大九哥 (da jiu ge / Big Nine Bro).

  • 肖栗旬 (xiao li xun) was an old username he used to go by, the supertopic under this name is still semi-active (and occassionally he still refers to himself as this). Unconfirmed but it might be based on 小栗旬 (Shun Oguri).

  • He has 3 tattoos (as far as we can see) - a deer tattoo on his right shoulder, his logo "Kevin Shaw" on his left pec, and a quote under his left arm:

  • Don’t let em say you aren’t beautiful // They can all get f***ed just stay true to you”. (Lyrics from "Beautiful" by Eminem)

  • His family had a male cat before, Xiao Jiu is his first female cat.

  • He was in the same company as Ryan Ren, Tian Xuning and Chang Huasen before. (JS-Models) (Probably model department? He's still in Jia Shang Media now but maybe different department)

  • Learnt a bit of bass. Has also bought an electronic drum kit and started learning.

  • Update: because of neighbours' complaints, the drum set was sold 😭.

  • Cai Zhuoyi said he is 192cm. He says he's 190cm.

  • He measured that from his hip bone to his ankle is 112cm.

  • His MBTI personality is INTJ, the Architect.

  • Was previously signed to 嘉尚传媒 Jia Shang Media.

  • Officially announced on 3rd September 2023, he is signed to 星宇娱乐 Astro Entertainment.


- Links: Weibo / Supertopic
- Genre: Modern Romance, School, Youth, First Love, Mean Boy Meets Sweet Girl, Adapted from Novel
- Release Date: 8 October 2020
- Duration: 24 Episodes (WeTV)
- Synopsis: Zhuo Feng lost her parents to a car accident at the age of seven, and the impact of the accident caused her to suffer a memory loss. She was taken in by her parents' best friend, Su Zijie. There, she meets Su Muyun, son of Su Zijie who is two years younger than her, who is outstanding yet has a poisonous tongue.
- Role: 秦尧 / Qin Yao (Side)


- Links: Weibo / Supertopic
- Genre: Adventure, Historical, Romance, Fantasy
- Release Date: 8 February 2021
- Duration: 16 Episodes (Viki)
- Synopsis: A love story across galaxies follows the sweet encounter between a young woman and her "pet". Su Xiaohe (Tian Xiwei) is the cute and bubbly owner of a pet shop located by Qingshan Lake. By chance, she picks up a blue orb that awakens the Meow Star Prince from DW galaxy. He transforms into the tall, handsome and mysterious Mo Xiaoran (Xiao Kaizhong) and enters into a "master-servant" contract with Su Xiaohe. Together, they go on an adventure to uncover the hidden secrets behind everything that has transpired.
- Role: 莫修染 / Mo Xiuran (Lead)


- Links: Weibo / Supertopic
- Genre: Comedy, Romance, E-Sports
- Release Date: 23 June 2021
- Duration: 31 Episodes (Youku / YouTube / Netflix)
- Synopsis: Student Tong Yao (Chen Xiao) makes two vows: to never be in a relationship with someone in the same field and to make up for the Chinese League of Legends. When Tong Yao earns her spot as the first formal female player in China's professional league, she catches the attention of an elite team captain. Facing doubts and inconveniences, she meets each challenge with her own persistence and her teammates' support. After much effort, what will become of her vows? Will she stand on the world stage to make up for six years of regret? Will she avoid a romantic entanglement within the e-sports world?
- Role: 老猫 / Lao Mao (Old Cat) / ZGDX_Cat (Side)


- Links: Weibo / Supertopic
- Genre: Historical, Romance
- Release Date: 25 May 2022
- Duration: 26 Episodes (Youku)
- Synopsis: A sweet love story between Lu Yue'er, the owner of Yunyue Noodle Shop and Hua Yinan, the lord of Flower Island. Lu Yue'er (Zheng He Hui Zi) is a female chef with a bright and optimistic personality. For the sake of love, she can do anything. Hua Yinan (Huang Shengchi) is a young man with the demeanor of a king. He has only fallen in love with one person in his life.
- Role: 宋晏 / Song Yan (Main)


- Links: Weibo / Supertopic
- Genre: Adventure, Psychological, Youth, Sci-Fi, Fantasy
- Release Date: TBA
- Duration: 36 Episodes
- Synopsis: Yu Hao plans to take his own life after losing hope in life, but accidentally enters a dream and meets a mysterious general. The general brings Yu Hao back to his own dream to snatch back his own totem and receive a new lease of life. A dream realm journey that belongs only to the two of them slowly begins...
- Role: 傅立群 / Fu Liqun (Side)


- Links: Weibo / Supertopic
- Genre: Drama, Romance
- Release Date: 6 June 2022
- Duration: 18 Episodes (Youku / YouTube)
- Synopsis: Fu Ze Yi, the young and promising heir of Fu's Anju Group, developed an alternate personality because of his childhood kidnapping experience. He is handsome but indifferent. Fu Ze Yi's alter, "Ge Lin" he is completely opposite to Fu Ze Yi. He has a melancholy personality, likes the violin, but he also likes Jing Zhi Xia and wants to control Fu Ze Yi's body. After meeting Jing Zhi Xia again, his consciousness gradually awakened. Taking advantage of the short time that occasionally flashes, he uses Fu Ze Yi's body to help Jing Zhi Xia tide over the difficulties, but he also watches and comes to realize that Jing Zhi Xia is falling in love with Fu Ze Yi.
- Role: 傅泽一 (自霖) / Fu Zeyi (Zilin) (Lead)


- Links: Weibo / Supertopic
- Genre: Romance, Fantasy
- Release Date: 15 June 2023
- Duration: 24 Episodes (Youku)
- Synopsis: Wang Zi Xin comes from a rich family, but suffers from ichthyosis and is tortured by this disease. She was deceived by her scumbag boyfriend, who put her in danger, and she accidentally falls into the sea. Fortunately, she is rescued by Yu Sheng, an alien from the planet Kepler, and a legendary merman. As the king of the sea, Yu Sheng is simple, kind and naive.
- Role: 纪凡一 / Ji Fanyi (Side)


- Links: Weibo (TBA) / Supertopic / JXGZ Carrd
- Genre: Action, Adventure, Bromance, Demon, Fantasy, Historical, Mystery, War, Wuxia
- Release Date: Kevin wrapped on 14 Jan 2022
- Duration: 40 - 60 Episodes (Rumored)
- Synopsis: After his third ascension to the Heavenly Realm, Xie Lian accidentally destroys some gods' properties. In order to pay for the damages, he goes back to the Mortal Realm to gain merits. During his travels, he meets a mysterious young man who goes by the name San Lang. In a series of incidents, the past of the heavenly gods who seemed glamorous but dark was gradually revealed. Adapted from the novel "Heaven Official's Blessing" (天官赐福) by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu (墨香铜臭).
- Role: 风信 / Feng Xin (Side)


- Links: Weibo / Supertopic / YouTube
- Genre: Youth, Adventure, Based on Novel, Thriller
- Release Date: 16 January 2024
- Duration: 30 Episodes
- Synopsis: "The 19th Floor of Hell" describes a breathtaking journey to the hell, which creates maps of 19-floors hell in extremely ghastly and horrifying atmosphere. There are a series of girls' death, the hidden secrets and the clueless mystery, which are incomparably weird. What will the girls who commit suicide see in "hell"? What truth is hidden behind the lies? What is there in the 19th floor in hell? The story analyzes Human's original sins sharply and meticulously: greed, jealousy, selfishness, wrath......
Synopsis from source material, novel 'The Nineteenth Floor of Hell' (地狱的第十九层) by Cai Jun- Role: 张天强 / Zhang Tianqiang (Main)


- Links: Weibo / Supertopic / iQIYI
- Genre: Detective, Comedy, Based on Manhua, Suspense, Romance
- Release Date: 28 September 2023
- Duration: 24 Episodes
- Synopsis: A mysterious girl with the ability to smell fragrances came to Shanghai alone to investigate a case. What kind of secrets lie behind her? Supernatural girl + top detective + genius magician, the weirdest case-solving combo, the most thrilling adventure! See how the foodie female detective captures the heart of the down-and-out, vicious-tongued gentleman!
Synopsis from source manhua of same name.- Role: 王涯 / Wang Ya (Main)


- Links: Weibo / Supertopic
- Genre: Prequel to The Blood of Youth, Wuxia, Youth, Fantasy
- Release Date: Just Wrapped
- Duration: TBA
- Synopsis: Bai Li Dongjun, the youngest son of the Hou Mansion in Zhenxi, was stubborn since he was a child. He was not good at poems and books, and did not like to read the art of war or martial arts, but one thing that he was good at was making wine, because he had an agreement with Ye Yun, a friend who was murdered when he was young, to become a "wine fairy". However, his destiny could not be left to his choice. In the end, he went to the school of Li Chang Sheng, the number one in the world, and began to learn martial arts. In the process, he got acquainted with Yue Yao, and reunited with Ye Yun, who had now been renamed as Ye Ding Zhi. Under their influence and encouragement, Bai Li Dongjun began to re-examine his identity and responsibilities. Many years later, Ye Ding Zhi was used by others to launch a war against the Central Plains and Bai Li Dongjun led a group of heroes to resist. Facing his best friend, Bai Li Dongjun did not back down at this time. He wanted to save the common people as well as his own friend!
(Source: Google Translate Douban)- Role: 苏昌河 / Su Changhe (Guest)


- Links: Weibo / Supertopic
- Genre: Metropolitan, romance, mystery
- Release Date: Booting Ceremony 3 November 2023
- Duration: TBA
- Synopsis: Adapted from the novel "Dong Zhi" (冬至) by Ning Long (凝陇)
- Role: 禹柏枫 / Yu Baifeng


- Links: [Weibo]() / [Supertopic]()
- Genre:
- Release Date: TBA
- Duration: TBA
- Synopsis: Adapted from the web manhua "Cicada Girl: Love Appraiser"
- Role: 阿亮 / Ah Liang


- Links: [Weibo]() / [Supertopic]()
- Genre:
- Release Date: TBA
- Duration: TBA
- Synopsis: Adapted from the novel "雪迷官 Snow Maze"
- Role: ???


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